Launching a business calls for margaritas

Have you ever woken up one day and decided that you’re going to open a business? Have you ever had an idea that was so interesting and unique that the only thing standing in your way of bringing it to market was you?

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Decorative signs are my middle name

If you personally know me, or are one of my amazing follower/friends on social media, or happen to be a UPS, USPS, or FedEx driver then you know first hand the love affair I have with decorative signs.

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Building a gallery wall empire

I decided to take the creative talent God has given me and build a gallery wall empire!

I’ve been pondering this idea for a while and with the encouragement from several of my handmade maker friends I’ve decided to go for it.

The name the house that handmade built is exactly that. Every single item in my collection will be handmade, new decor that is made in the USA, or vintage salvage found locally.

Featured above is one of my personal walls that will serve as inspiration for the upcoming collection.
I will be releasing the house that handmade built collection through my Instagram in an auction format. Date is TBD. Everything you will see has been 100% donated by makers to help me achieve my dreams.

You all know how much of a supporter I am for the handmade community and this right here is one of the million reasons why. I had an idea, I seeked help, received encouragement, and this idea came to life!

I cannot wait to share with y’all all of the fabulousness that is being created. The point of this auction is to help not only advertise many great makers who I will continue to work with but to help me fund this adventure.
I will begin posting previews soon on Instagram and our Facebook page so stay tuned!

Thank you all for your love and support,

I’ll never be Dunn 

I will be the first to tell you that I absolutely love Rae Dunn pottery. I love the simplicity and functionality of her pieces. 

One of the greatest things about her line is that they are always coming out with something new. Just when you think your collection is “Dunn” …… They release another piece you have to have !

 I would love to sit here and tell you her pieces are easy to find. Let me start off by saying they are not! I was fortunate that I stumbled across her pottery almost 2 years ago. 

Her popularity has become a staple for farmhouse decor. 

What has made her pottery so hard to find is what I call “shelf clearers” These people hunt for Rae purely for profit making it impossible to find her stuff in the store. 

I am all for up charging for your services but to charge somebody $280 for something that retails for $12.99 is ridiculous! And people pay it 😳😳😳 

There are several groups now on Facebook that are solely dedicated to Rae Dunn pottery. A lot of people around the country are now forming groups that go out and search for her pottery and trade with each other for pieces that they don’t have.

The best piece of advice I can offer to you on how you can obtain one of her pieces is reach out to other “dunnies”. Join Facebook groups and search Instagram for others who love her pottery.


Refrain from buying from up sellers! As much as you may want what you would consider a highly sought after piece I guarantee you someone in another state might have what you need if you simply ask. I can also guarantee that they will probably not be asking a crazy high price for it either. 

Stay strong, resist the urge to buy from up sellers, and continue searching eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Happy “Dunn” hunting,


It all started with a wood heart and a story


The curtain raises, and the spotlight settles in on a couple surrounded by thousands of cotton stems. I’m totally kidding but I’m loving this dramatic entrance to this post!  😂 

Words can’t describe how much I love making things beautiful and part of that is making things beautiful in my life. The symbol of my life has always been a heart. 

…. spot light fades onto an Olivewood Designs heart 😂

In all seriousness though these hearts deserve a spotlight! 

 If you haven’t heard of my all-time favorite handmade shop Olivewood Designs, then clearly you’re living under a rock 😂😂

The story behind this amazing handmade shop is the definition of the American dream. 

        (Olivewood Designs original flag) 

Olivewood Designs started in a household garage in Arizona. They had an idea and a dream-that now has developed into a thriving company. What began as Julia hosting craft nights for her friends shortly turned into creative power house. Their creations are one of a kind. Each time you purchase from them you’re contributing to their American dream. 

Shopping small and supporting the handmade community is so much more than owning beautiful items. It’s about a community of artists sticking together to push each other up and truly empower everyone.

The handmade community inspire their customers by the creations they create. They encourage their customers to love one another but mostly to love yourself. 

Out of all the makers who have encouraged me one way or another, Olivewood Designs truly has taught me self acceptance and forgiveness. 


Get ready for the tissues, I’m not kidding. 

It was Mother’s Day weekend and I was helping a friend with their booth at Junk in the trunk. 

 For me Mother’s Day is hard. I lost my mother to suicide when I was 17. But that’s not what this post is about.

 That very heart above was made for me in remembrance of my mother. That’s just the type of business Olivewood Designs is; a selfless, humble, encouraging family owned business. 

Everytime I look at this heart I can’t help but think of my mother and how something so tragic, Julia helped me to see the light. She told me focus on my mothers love and know god loves me. She held me so tight and said my mother is looking down on me with no pain because god is with her. She asked me to open my heart to forgiveness and allow my mothers love to shine through this tragedy. With those words I will forever be greatful to her. After that day I forgave my mom and opened my heart to forgiveness. 

However you chose to style any Olivewood creation know that your buying a piece of this families heart. 

In closing I ask that next time you want to purchase something for your home I encourage you to buy handmade and shop small. So these inspiring artists can continue to spread their love around. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you Julia and Olivewood family. 

Have a great week y’all! 


Olivewood Designs:
Photography in the cotton fields by:

Throw pillows; the stuffed animals for grown women 

What is it about a throw pillow that just makes my heart skip a beat? 

Is it the texture? Is it that they can easily be changed out? Is it the endless styles available? 
Let’s be honest it’s all of the above! I don’t know about you all but I stick to the four basic rules when I purchase a throw pillow….. or in my case probably multiples. 

  1. Comfort! This is a big one for me! Although most throw pillows are for decoration only, if the pillow is as hard as a rock and the material isn’t right; it’s not going to fit into my comfortable farmhouse theme. 
  2. Style! Let’s be honest here… We all know my eye prefers a shabby theme. If it’s not tattered, appears to be old, or has some kind of a word on it most likely it won’t end up at my house.
  3. Shape! I’m obsessed with large, chunky, square pillows! Kind of like my men 🤣🤣
  4.  Cost! I try to keep my accent pillow budget under $65-$75 per pillow; excluding insert. 

    I have allot of shops that I absolutely adore but my absolutely favorite pillow shop is Doves and Dahlias. 

    Jill, Doves and Dahlias pillows are something dreams are made of! The detail that goes into each one of these pillows is truly remarkable! Her pillows are affordable, the shape is incredible, they’re super comfortable, and fits in amazing with my decor!  

    How great does this set look on our formal living room couch!! Many naps have been taken on that couch and her pillows are the perfect snuggle partners! 

    How can I get my hands on her fabulous pillows? I’m sure you’re asking yourself!!! Jill has an Etsy sale almost every Friday 10am PST. 

    Each pillow sham is $65 plus shipping. Once you buy one you’ll end up with an entire couch full of her goodies! Trust me! 

    I do recommend purchasing feather down inserts (18-22inch) on Amazon for her shams. 

    Although I do have some of Jill’s pillows for decor only, the majority of them we use daily! 

     Just remember the more pillows you have the closer you are to making an epic shabby pillow fort! 

    I’m so proud of myself that my first post about Nicole’s favorite featured makers wasn’t about signs 😂 We all know how much I love them!!!!! 



    Let’s talk gallery walls 

                 Gallery walls are my jam! 

    The walls I put together are how I’m mostly known throughout the Instagram community. I just love being able to put together pieces that originally wouldn’t have gone together!  

    I get a lot of questions about how I put together my walls.

    • How do I hang up everything? 
    • How do I put it all together?
    • What happens when I get tired of pieces? 
    • “I just can’t do what you do” 

    Let me start off by saying you can do exactly what I do! Trust me! Everyone has a creative bone in their body even if you don’t think you do! Did you know that anything clustered together over 2 pieces is considered a gallery wall? I bet some of you have gallery walls up right now and you didn’t even know it! 

    The key to a successful gallery wall is what I like to call an inspiration piece. You base your entire wall off of that piece and draw inspiration from it. 

    The “people who love to eat” metal heart piece featured above was my inspiration piece for this wall. This actual piece happens to be a “Nicole original “. I had an idea, brought my idea to a fellow maker friend of mine, and tada (cue the fairy dust) it was brought to life! This piece was one of the firsts collaborations I had ever worked on! 

    Now designing this wall….. I will say there are ALLOT of holes, paint chips, and possibly five larger dents that decor pieces are covering but it was my first ever gallery wall. 

    We all learn from our mistakes right? I speak spackle, sand paper, and touch up paint fluently now. 

    Honesty there is no wrong or right way to put up a gallery wall! The best piece of advice I can offer you is to lay it all out on the floor and add or subtract to your liking. Some people are perfectionist… I am not. I DO NOT MEASURE. I just don’t. I eyeball everything…. which is probably why this wall ended up with the holes and dents but to each their own! 

     I try to square off my walls as best as I can. Squaring off your walls is designing it to fit into an imaginary square. I love that look and it is what works best for our walls. 

    Now It’s time to get to the bread and butter of a gallery wall, hanging it all up! 

    I want to tell y’all I have a love affair with  command strips. 

    This glorious invention was introduced to me by a family member who helped me hang this very wall. I will say once you go command, you’ll never go back I promise!  If and when you want to change out pieces these guys make it so easy!!!! 

    The heavier pieces on my walls I hang with screws and wall anchors, but the medium and small pieces are all hung by command strips! 

    Once you hear that glorious clicking sound of two command strips attaching together it’s like you’ve won a small victory! I am a firm believer in the more command strips the better. If you think a piece calls for one, use two. I’m not kidding! 

    The best piece of advice I can offer when tackling a gallery wall is to always have someone help you when you hang! Your walls will thank me! 

    Just remember that most decorating isn’t about making staged sets, it’s not about making pretty pictures for magazines; it’s really about creating a quality of beauty that nourishes the soul.
    Until next time,


    Welcome and hello 

    IMG_2814Happy Monday!

    Blogging is an entirely new world for me so get ready to sit back, relax, enjoy a lot of laughs, and listen to me ramble on about anything and everything!

    The house that handmade built is truly special to me. As most of you already know I am a huge advocate for shopping small, And supporting the handmade community. How does this tie into my life you ask? 80% of the items we have in our home is handmade!

    I wanted to choose a name that meant something. And it just so happens the name I chose was created by one of my Instagram followers. The Instagram and handmade community is something I am so blessed to be a part of. On this blog I will be featuring nicole’s favorite makers, fabulous places to shop, a few silly posts, and a lot about decorating!

    I am truly honored for each and everyone of you, and the many more who will hopefully soon follow!