Building a gallery wall empire

I decided to take the creative talent God has given me and build a gallery wall empire!

I’ve been pondering this idea for a while and with the encouragement from several of my handmade maker friends I’ve decided to go for it.

The name the house that handmade built is exactly that. Every single item in my collection will be handmade, new decor that is made in the USA, or vintage salvage found locally.

Featured above is one of my personal walls that will serve as inspiration for the upcoming collection.
I will be releasing the house that handmade built collection through my Instagram in an auction format. Date is TBD. Everything you will see has been 100% donated by makers to help me achieve my dreams.

You all know how much of a supporter I am for the handmade community and this right here is one of the million reasons why. I had an idea, I seeked help, received encouragement, and this idea came to life!

I cannot wait to share with y’all all of the fabulousness that is being created. The point of this auction is to help not only advertise many great makers who I will continue to work with but to help me fund this adventure.
I will begin posting previews soon on Instagram and our Facebook page so stay tuned!

Thank you all for your love and support,

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