Welcome and hello 

IMG_2814Happy Monday!

Blogging is an entirely new world for me so get ready to sit back, relax, enjoy a lot of laughs, and listen to me ramble on about anything and everything!

The house that handmade built is truly special to me. As most of you already know I am a huge advocate for shopping small, And supporting the handmade community. How does this tie into my life you ask? 80% of the items we have in our home is handmade!

I wanted to choose a name that meant something. And it just so happens the name I chose was created by one of my Instagram followers. The Instagram and handmade community is something I am so blessed to be a part of. On this blog I will be featuring nicole’s favorite makers, fabulous places to shop, a few silly posts, and a lot about decorating!

I am truly honored for each and everyone of you, and the many more who will hopefully soon follow!



11 thoughts on “Welcome and hello ”

  1. You now have another follower, in fact I’m going to blog now too about this new normal I never asked for but have been blessed so much through!

    I’m looking fwd to reading and learning from you



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